The cat is out of the bag. I LOVE SPACE! Now that I'm a real person and actually have income I decided to take a trip to Florida to see the Kennedy Space Center. It just so happened that the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station was scheduled to take off on April 30th. I jumped on the phone and called my best friend to see if he would meet me in Florida. He was on board!

I never had my hopes totally set on seeing the rocket take off. I knew they often got delayed and this was a first so it was even more likely. To this day it still hasn't taken off! Nevertheless, it was still an amazing trip!

As my plane was flying into Orlando I could barely sit still! I wanted to scream I was so excited. It was so great to see my best friend and his wife. We enjoyed our time in Orlando over dinner before driving to Titusville where I had a hotel booked.

The first day was all about NASA. We drove out to the island and took our Up-Close tour that took us inside the vehicle assembly building! It was incredible.

Vehicle Assembly Building

After that it was on the the shuttle launch sites. These were the same sites where the Apollo missions launched from in the 60s.

Space Shuttle Launch site

Finally we were dropped off at the Saturn V center. That's a big rocket my friend. Twice as tall as the Space Shuttle and still the most powerful rocket ever built by man.

In front of the Saturn V rocket

The next day was beach day. We got a tip from a Canadian in the hot tub the night before that New Smyrna Beach was where it was at. We weren't disappointed! It was an absolute blast to enjoy the sun and jump through the waves.

Running through the waves

Lastly we went to Universal Studios. I couldn't believe it! I have only been to six flags over Texas so this was a mind blowing. Overall it was about as good of a trip as we could ask for! Good weather and lots of fun. The minor hiccups were easily looked past with all the fun we were having!

Universal Studios

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