2012 Christmas Newsletter

What a year! My entire life has changed and it's been an amazing ride. I've written about some of it here already so I've linked to those pages.

Let's start with January. In January I moved further than I had ever moved Maine! Read full article

I also made it to Florida for my birthday to visit the Kennedy Space Center. A dream come true. Read full article

I also had the opportunity to visit New York a few times. The first time I got to see the SR-71 Blackbird with my own eyes! Another dream come true.

SR-71 Blackbird at the Intrepid in NYC

I've loved living in Maine. It's so beautiful and the summer was mild and warm.

I drove up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. I know you are probably thinking what I was, "psh drive up a mountain. This will be fun." I was pleasantly surprised. I've never had so much adrenaline while driving in my life. It's a road barely big enough for traffic in two directions with a sheer drop off most of the tim…


The cat is out of the bag. I LOVE SPACE! Now that I'm a real person and actually have income I decided to take a trip to Florida to see the Kennedy Space Center. It just so happened that the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station was scheduled to take off on April 30th. I jumped on the phone and called my best friend to see if he would meet me in Florida. He was on board!

I never had my hopes totally set on seeing the rocket take off. I knew they often got delayed and this was a first so it was even more likely. To this day it still hasn't taken off! Nevertheless, it was still an amazing trip!

As my plane was flying into Orlando I could barely sit still! I wanted to scream I was so excited. It was so great to see my best friend and his wife. We enjoyed our time in Orlando over dinner before driving to Titusville where I had a hotel booked.

The first day was all about NASA. We drove out to the island and took our Up-Close tour that took us insi…

Trip to NYC

I had the opportunity to visit a friend who just moved to New York City in the Fall. I took the train, which was my first Amtrak experience. I took a bus to the Amtrak station in Boston and had some extra time so I laid down in a park to take in the warm air and sun.

Relaxing in Boston

On the first day we went to Times Square to buy tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Times Square was where I spent the most time on my last trip to New York so it was nice to be back. It's a very busy area but kinda cool.

Times Square

Next was the Intrepid Museum. The Intrepid is a retired aircraft carrier that was turned into a museum. My favorite part was seeing the SR-71 Blackbird. It is the plane that was being designed in Area 51 during the cold war. My next favorite part was the real Soyuz capsule that was used in 2005 for a manned mission to the International Space Station.

Soyuz Capsule that went to the International Space Station

After we saw Phantom of the Opera we went to the 9/11 Memorial. …

A day in the sun

Sorry I haven't written in so long! Things have been busy. Not in a bad way but in a way that makes me happy. Last week it was in the 70s and beautiful here. I soaked it up all I could and loved it. I went to Fort Williams with some friends but of course by now it's cold again. I wait patiently for Spring!

Lighthouse at Fort Williams

Beach area at Fort Williams

A tanker rolling in at Fort Williams

First time to Boston

A friend of mine was going to Boston on Tuesday for an interview and I decided to tag along and see the city since I had never been. I took the train into town and walked to the New England Aquarium. It was so cool! Unfortunately the battery on my camera was dead but I did get a few shots with my phone.

Boston financial district

Penguins at the New England Aquarium

A sea cucumber thing at the New England Aquarium

A giant turtle (probably about 5 feet long) at the New England Aquarium


View from the port

Peaks Island

I decided to take an adventure this weekend and go to a small island outside Portland called Peaks Island. The port is just down the street and it's only 5 bucks for a 20 minute ferry ride. It was so beautiful and a nice mini getaway.

Riding the ferry

Getting off the ferry

A nice view on the walk around the island

I really liked this cliff

The island had some really amazing seaside houses

The nature trail was really cool

Such a nice place to collect one's thoughts

The ferry coming for the return journey

Weekend in VT

I had the chance to go to Vermont for the weekend and snowboard! It was an absolute blast but my whole but is sore. I have to say it was completely worth it.

On the way to the ski resort

View from the lift
Me plowing down the mountain
Great success!