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Weekend in VT

I had the chance to go to Vermont for the weekend and snowboard! It was an absolute blast but my whole but is sore. I have to say it was completely worth it. On the way to the ski resort View from the lift Me plowing down the mountain Great success!

Welcome to CashStar

Maine is still treating me well. The weather has been great. It just started snowing again this morning for the first time in a while. The fresh powder of white snow makes the city look so beautiful! So far I am loving my new job. It's plenty challenging and the company is great. All of the developers, including myself, moved downstairs last week. It's a cool space on the street level of downtown portland. A long view of the new downstairs office are I sit at the seat on the left next to "Jesus" Meeting/Lounge area The rest of the office is upstairs in a more traditional setting. Entrance to the upstairs office The more "traditional" office arrangement I've also had a chance to try and cook some of the fresh seafood. Not as much as I had hoped but there is still time. Fresh Atlantic Salmon