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What I've learned so far

It's been tough getting through college but I am gaining more and more hope that it's on the beginning of an amazing life. I'm still only 22 but I thought I would share some things I've learned thus far:
A conversation is about asking the person you are talking to as many questions as you can about themThe small group of friends you can be yourself around are worth more than having hundreds of acquaintancesDo what you have always wanted to do - today, otherwise you never will Give people just as much grace as you would want yourselfThere are a lot of amazing people trapped under your bad first impressions - give them a second or a third or forth or fifth...Confidence isn't about being somebody cool, funny, attractive, or smooth - it's about being yourselfJust because you aren't the best at something doesn't mean you aren't really good at itDon't get too settled into your college world - it will all change when you start getting older - people wil…