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Week Two

I'm finishing up my second week at my new job today. So far it's great! I found a furnished apartment about a mile away that is an easy walk (this morning was the hardest in the rain). My apartment My messy apartment The area I'm living in is great. There is so many cool places and live music right around the corner. I still have so much to explore!

A fresh start in Maine

One month after graduation I found myself in Portland, ME about to start my adult life. I flew up here to live with some friends while I get on my own feet and sign a lease. So far I'm loving the area. Portland is a beautiful city and I can't wait to explore it more. The water tastes like it's bottled (which is a nice change from Lubbock water) and comes out cold! One of the many small things I have been pleased with. Downtown Portland with my Office on the left Tomorrow I start my first day at  Cashstar , a company that facilitates giftcards for major companies like Home Depot and Gap. I'll be working as a System Administrator there. It was hard to say goodbye to Texas and all the people I love and care about there. I wouldn't be where I am without them but Maine is where my life is taking me and I'm so excited about the new beginning. Saying goodbye to our dog, Cooper The weather has been cold and snowy, a stark contrast from what I knew in T