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I stood on the beach in Sayulita this weekend with the waves crashing on my feet. It was a few days into the trip so I had successfully reached a state of relaxation. Something was different though. Normally I trick myself into thinking the vacation I'm experiencing is what I need forever. I normally wonder why I'm living a normal life when I should be on vacation all the time without any worries. This time I couldn't do that. I was still engaged with all of my responsibilities. I was pondering what it would really mean to live my life without my current structure. I know too well that I can't just leave everything. There has to be something more sustainable. My journey to leaving started a long time ago. Even as a youth I had trouble with falling into a pattern and accepting that the world around me was the only path. I still haven't found out what the end of this journey looks like. I have this fire and desire in me but I have only seemed to keep adding to th

Nature in San Francisco

This month marks my 3 year anniversary living in the San Francisco area. This post is dedicated to my favorite ways to explore nature in this area. I am avoiding some obvious choices like Golden Gate Park and Sutro Tower. Lands End Starting location in Google Maps I like to start at Sutro Baths because there is ample parking. The baths themselves are also a sight to see. It's worth reading a bit about it before you go. Be sure to walk down to the ruins and take a right to go through a cave. If the tide is high enough there are rocks you can watch the waves crash onto. After checking out the Bath House ruins follow the trail North toward the Golden Gate Bridge. The views will not disappoint and the path is wide and easy to follow. Buena Vista Park Google Maps It's unassuming but a thick forest with a great view at the top. There are winding trails everywhere and it's easy to get lost. A great feeling while still being in the middle of a major city