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Wild Fires

We got caught behind some wild fires on the way back from Dallas headed to Lubbock. We were in front of the stopped convoy and eventually had to cross the median and turn around. According to the fire was contained at about 4 p.m. Monday afternoon, with more than 1500 acres burned. The Texas Tech Mesonet recorded a wind gust of 59 mph near Tahoka and relative humidity’s at or below 15%. Perfect conditions for a wildfire, and our delayed entry into Lubbock. Sure was an adventure though!

Easter Break

Easter break had it's up and downs but overall I had a great time being in Dallas.

Biking in Palo Duro

On Saturday I spent a whole day mountain biking in Palo Duro canyon with Austin and Brandon. My whole body is sore but it was an absolute blast. Palo Duro is a state park about 2 hours north of Lubbock. The ground suddenly drops down when you get to the rim. I also got to see an old friend from West Texas A&M!

Windy Day in Lubbock

I went on a video escapade today. For some reason the insane wind was inspiring. It may have pushed dust into my eyes and mouth but it created a world that doesn't normally exist. There is so much chaos it's almost exciting. Windy Day from Joseph McWilliams on Vimeo .