Traveling to South America

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to go to Bogotá, Colombia for the fourth time. I can't thank you enough for all of your support.

This trip we will be broken into two groups for most of the time. It's the biggest I've ever been with at 22 people from my church in Dallas. One group will be improving a building called the jungle where street kids can come play. The other will be doing various activities around Bogotá. Some will deal directly with the ministry we are going to see, Formando Vidas, but we often work with other organizations as well.

Just before this trip I created a new website for Formando Vidas. On this trip me and a few of my friends that are going with us on the trip will be focusing on getting as much information, pictures, and video to put on the new website.

Here are some needs:
  • Safety
  • Cohesion in the group.
  • No camera or equipment failure.
  • Flights and bus rides on schedule.
  • That we can know how to serve the mission team that lives and works there.
  • Health for the whole team. Many of us who have been more than once get sick every time.

My team and me on my last trip to Colombia. Tomorrow will start my fourth.

Thanks again everybody.
The website before the redesign. I'm so excited to show you what it looks like in a few weeks!

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